Tips On How Readers Can Get More Value For Money

We all know the pains of receiving a paycheck and next thing you know, it’s been sucked by bills and more bills without anything left over for the premium enjoyment you promised yourself you would have.

So, is it really possible to live comfortably and debt-free with your current paycheck? The answer is yes! You can spend and save on a budget by following these principles.


The most important lesson here is; Do not spend money you don’t have. Don’t borrow to spend.
The second thing to do is don’t just spend on essentials (keywords: essentials), compare prices across different retailers, watch out for discounts and promotions too.


This cannot be overemphasised. If possible, have separate accounts for your savings. You can use your Fidelity savings account, top it up monthly with as little as 2K and stand the chance of winning in the Get Alert Millions Promo (GAIM)… just from saving!

If you’re having trouble being disciplined with your savings, you can create a savings target and reward yourself (not from your savings!)when you reach it.

All the best in your save and spend journey!

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