The Economy And You- A Commentary On Nigerian Macro-Economic Trends And The Impact On The Individual.

Inflation rates, as it has done with almost every other thing, have pushed the price of building materials up once again. This development has affected the price of rentals as many homeowners have doubled rents by 50 percent– perhaps to cope with ongoing building projects. If you’re not a homeowner, you’re most definitely the ‘customer’ of a homeowner and you’re probably feeling the financial strain.

To save yourself from the arbitrary increase in price and unbudgeted excesses, in the days to come, you should set a goal towards buying or building your own house.

Doing this, of course, may not be an overnight event, but actively saving towards it will make it a reality sooner than later. Plus, it helps that these days you can turn into a millionaire overnight just by saving. With Fidelity Bank’s ‘Get Alert in Millions’ promo, you stand a chance to win millions of naira when you save as low as N4,000

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