Regular Column On How A Fictitious Broke Nigerian Gets By

We all love a good romance, but let’s face it, relationships can be expensive – especially with Valentine’s Day approaching.

For Kola, a young hardworking Nigerian youth, Valentine’s Day this year came with mixed emotions. After collecting January salary on January 77th, he has had to balance out the consequences of the splurge he had in December.

While still standing in the midst of troubled waters, the tension from social media vendors selling Valentine’s Day packages was starting to choke. And as a hopeless Yoruba romantic, he wanted his babe to be spoilt this year, but his pocket was non-compliant.

He eventually summoned up the courage to tell her about his financial situation. Thankfully the baby girl was down for ice cream and Netflix! If only Kola had had a Fidelity Savings Account, he would have had some money set aside for bae – or perhaps he could have become a millionaire from the Fidelity Get Alert in Millions Promo.

Oh well. We wish Kola all the best for next year!

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