Netflix and Chill – Interesting Movies To Watch This Week

Netflix is forever giving us an impressive list of movies and series. Whether you want a bit of action, or you are feeling a tad bit romantic or you want a fine helping of girl power, there is always something for you.

Now, given how comprehensive Netflix’s collection is, it is sometimes difficult to pick something to watch. To save you the trouble of scrolling through endless lists and watching multiple previews, here are a few recommendations;

All of us are dead:

The twelve-part series follows the story of students who must fight their way through their zombie infested school to safety. The only problem is the virus spreads fast, making safety seem impossible.

The Tinder Swindler:

This movie focuses on a playboy who maintains his expensive lifestyle by tricking multiple lovers into taking heavy loans in their names to get him out of ‘fictitious danger’. That is until some victims decide to get justice and pay him back.

The royal treatment:

The royal treatment is about a prince who falls in love with the hairstylist who was contracted to style his hair for his wedding.

The best part of the Netflix movie experience is that you do not have to splurge to access it, giving you the opportunity to save more money and win big in Fidelity’s ‘Get Alert in Millions’promo.

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